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Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1992.


Growing up as a pre-professional ballet dancer, excellence, effort and grace were expected and part of my daily life. This passion and determination stayed with me all along, reinforcing my interest in the arts. I quickly developed a strong affection for Art history and with it, Architecture.

During my studies, I lived a few months in Tokyo, Japan where I did an internship at Tetsuo Kondo Architects. Those few months made me fall for their culture, their thoroughness and their sensibility. After a six months internship at WOJR _ Organization for Architecture, in 2015 in Cambridge USA, I have now graduated from CAD (College of Advertisement and Design, Brussels). This experience gave me the strength and the wish to travel the world, discover places, buildings and nature.

My work wants to reflect the poetics of architecture. Intimate, simple and graceful.
I believe greatness exists in the inconspicuous and overlooked details.

“If I can create some space that people haven't experienced before and if it stays with them or gives them a dream for the future, that's the kind of structure I seek to create.” _Tadao Ando


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Read about me from Tetsuo Kondo and William O'Brien Jr.

For inquiries or further information mail me at karine.szekeres@gmail.com.


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