Seven, Florida

Architectural Installation

Type: Architectural Installation for the BEA International Gallery, FIU

Office: WOJR

Location: Florida, United States

Project Year: November 2014, February 2015

Not quite a figure, not quit a field, somewhere in between.

This project was managed and led entirely by me under the careful supervision of William O’Brien Jr.
In collaboration with the students of FIU School of Architecture.

Seven, a Numbers Game



A study of shapes

Type: Research

Office: WOJR

Project Year: Ongoing

Beauty can be coaxed out of ugliness.

William gave me this project to challenge the weirdness in me. See how I work on theoretic, visionary and logic matters.
There is not specific site, no specific limits beside the ones I imposed myself and no specific achievements to get to. The study felt wide and immaterial but at the same time concrete and powerful.

John Hejduk and Peter Eisenman, two considerable inspirations

Selected morphologies

First drawn and cut out of cardboard, then laser cutted in foam and finally 3d printed.





Guggenheim, Helsinki


Type: Competition for the new Guggenheim Museum

Office: Collective-LOK and WOJR

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Project Year: September 2014

The concept divides the architecture in three distinct horizontal parts. The Plinth, the Hall, and the Square. Each of those having a different function and a radically different aesthetic.
The plinth is conveived in such a way that the visitor is already included in the museum even from outside, he already has glims of what’s inside. Furthermore, the outside stairs that are continuing on the inside accentuate this feeling.
The Hall is intentionally transparent and fluid to join the concept of the plinth. The many wooden pillars are a reference to the forest which bring it to the roots of Finnish characteristics.
The Square is the main part of the project. The heart of Guggenheim. This square will receive the jewel of the Museum, the main piece. This was though as being temporary, could change a few times a year and as the space is huge in every direction it can be anything. A sculpture, a performance, an orchestra, everything.
Not only that, the circulation is made in such a way that people can freely wonder around the square without paying. The access to the permanent collections is separate. This way, you have the visitors who came here to chill and don’t know much about what’s going on and can enjoy the museum without having to pay and on the other hand you have special advan- tages for those who want to see the collection. The materials used are carefully chosen to blend with the Finnish essence and taste. A sence of elegance and lightness is also perceptible in the whole building.

The site

Gathering ideas






Axonometric projection

A view from the outside

A view from the intside

Chayagasaka House, Japan

Article for JA Magazine

Type: Article for the JA Magazine

Office: Tetsuo Kondo Architects

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Project Year: Autumn 2013

During my internship at Tetsuo Kondo, I worked on this article for the JA Magazine. Building new models, new drawings and graphics.

Winnipeg Warming Huts, Canada


Type: Warming huts, an Art and Architecture competition on icee

Office: Tetsuo Kondo Architects

Location: Winnipeg, Canada

Project Year: Autumn 2013

A wish to push the envelope of design, craft and art. The goal is to build shelters for the Folks Rivertrail.
For this fourth edition, there is no specific theme but Winnipeg wants to encourage people to investigate the relationship between artifact and the frozen river trail.