A bench for the Opera

Type: MA2 Final project, “Imagine a public seating in the location of your choice”

Object: A public bench for the waiting areas of Philharmonic halls

Project Year: 2015

By choosing a public seating space as compound and specific as Philharmonic halls, History has to be taken into account. Considering the past, the round confidante is a flawless reference. Therefore, the basic characteristics of the confidante; circular, plural and detachable were preserved.

Mainly used during intermissions this bench has to be absolutely elegant, must welcome different groups of people standing and sitting and has to fil out gracefully the colossal empty halls.

“Kent Nagano, conductor”
The distinct tempo and gesture of the conductor’s baton was an inspiration
to express rhythm into the seating, carving winding shapes in wood.

With the rise of countless Philharmonic halls,
this waiting seat wishes to harmonise itself with their tones and rhythms.

To actualise those rhythmic curves into a contemporary context,
my inspiration went towards the minimalist master, Ellsworth Kelly
and his emphasise on simplicity of form.

An infinite series of placements.


A scooter for children

Type: MA1 Final project, design a scooter

Object: A scooter for children

Project Year: 2014

Ergonomic, easy and light, this transportable playful scooter can be built, unbuilt and driven by children.

Using only two simple materials and a smart assembling system,
the scooter can be built quickly and easily.


A pendant light

Type: Private Single Commission

Object: A pendant light

Project year: 2015 - 2016

Client: Private

Alexander Calder, Ganymede. Inspiration of a Mobile

Wassily Kandinsky, On the

Dances of Palucca, 1926.

Inspiration of lines and curves


A low table

Type: Private Single Commission

Object: A low table

Project year: 2015 - 2016

Client: Private


A wall light

Type: Private Single Commission

Object: A wall light

Project year: 2015 - 2016

Client: Private

Kazimir Malevich, Suprematist Composition, White on White, 1918.